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    Thanks for listening to the voices of your loyal consumers. Thanks for bringing us flash and also, thanks for introducing a well built Palm Pre 2 to the markets. Although, im not too amused with it, but it will surely bring the webos platform some more new customers because the design is much more cooler (lack of better word due to my excessive excitment). Most of all. THANKS FOR WEBOS 2.0. I always knew Deiter already had a Pre 2 because Precentral wasnt really storming the frontpage like they used to. Flash will probably be the best thing that ever happened to most of the consumers. It may also be the deciding factor for most people when picking between the Pre 2 and iflakyphoney. But all in all. Thanks HP Palm. Thanks for not ruining HPwebos for everyone. Hopefully, Sprint doesnt get the Pre 2, so im not too tempted to use my upgrade on it. We want a super phone on Sprint. One that the Sprint execs cant deny. One that has specs that can fill out a page and counting. We're counting on you HP Palm. Please, deliver a super device to Sprint early next year and all your true loyal consumers (Sprint Customers with Pres, Centros and so on) will be truly excited about the way things are panning out. Considering that we didnt get the Pre Plus
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    Well said sir!
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    Great post! I would like to add - make it a worldwide launch, HP!
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    Hardware wise it needs to atleast match iphone that came out 6 months back and surpass iphone in atleast two hardware categories. Like dual core processor, screen size and maybe 720 for resolution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by abhinandanjain View Post
    Great post! I would like to add - make it a worldwide launch, HP!
    that would require that every carrier's schedule line up perfectly. That would have to be scheduled out to about 2012.

    the best they can do is say it will be coming to global carriers.

    I think it made a big 'global' statement that the pre2 is launching in europe first, and that they said it will also be launching in canada.

    I'm just surorised it didn't launch on vodaphone since they are part owners of vzw.
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    Considering that i was typing on my Pre. This came out pretty well.
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    im excited that HP got palm so we could get more apps that i need for work. i actually had to jump ship until the next wave of phones come out and believe me, i am counting the days.

    i am really hoping the PalmPad will be phone capable, then i would just get one of those as i am tired of lugging my laptop around with me everywhere. all in one!!!!!
    Pre be with you.

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    if we only knew what 'they' knew~

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