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    I know i am not the most up to date person in the world,I'm always late to the ball can someone please help me find fair Dinkums app limit.I've searched everywhere for it for 2 whole days before i posted this thread.did they take it out?Is there any alternatives?or Maybe someone can give me a link to download it directly from or even a torrent?I mean I can find everything else but this helpful App!thanks in advance guys and remember I live in the Dominican republic!(take a guy from New York and have him in Dominican Rep. and see how advanced he will
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    What version webos are you running? That was needed in the early days of webos since 1.3XX it hasn't been needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    What version webos are you running? That was needed in the early days of webos since 1.3XX it hasn't been needed.

    The version i am running is 1.4.0 ,my situation maybe or maybe not be that complicated,but i cannot use the app catalog nor have data service here in the Dominican republic,maybe one of the reasons why is i bought it second hand from someone from the states.anyways,i've recently learned of preware and wed quick install and other ways to get apps.which had frustrated since i can put apps on their now it tells me i have to many cards or apps.i read palm has instilled a 50 app limit and theres this program that,i can use(being fair dinkum)but i have no luck in finding it.But besides wanting to find FD.I wanted to know if i web doctored my palm will be of any good to me ,that way i can skip activation and all of those thing i wont be able to do hear anyways.would that be a good idea or is it possible you can send me a link for "FD".
    give me your best advice ,because the palm pre has been driving me crazy for 6 months now.

    Thanks in advance!
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    So do you have Preware installed? I recall fair dinkum being the original fix but then webosinternals came up with mvapp. I might be wrong but I don't think you should be running into the out of space error with 1.4xx. I am sure someone else will chime in but have you doctored the Pre in the past? How much room does it say you have in device info?
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    I believe he is referring to the 'to many cards error' as an app limit issue. He needs to overclock.
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    Yes i have preware installed.and it has made my life and pockets a whole lot better,i was this close to buying a new phone!i have not doctored it but cant say if someone prior to me having it has.but it says i have 8 gb memory AND 6.6 GB available.If i am running windows is it possible to doctor the pre.If i doctored it would i be able to install apps without the app catalog popping up?
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    How do i overclock and is it safe?
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    Well according to what you posted you have plenty space avaiable. Not sure why you are getting the app catalog pop up. I know there is a way to turn it into a developer phone. Do you use phone for phone service?

    Here is a link to webosinternals it will tell you how to add the testing feeds and give you lots of valuable information about webos and the Pre. I would suggest reading the information there before overclocking.

    WebOS Internals

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