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    Hey Everyone
    I'm a newbie here, I just want to make a little change of the json file to make it visiable

    I can use novaterm get in, but can't change anything due to the ready-only file system

    some tuts suggest I should do the mount -o stuff, but I need to ssh in first

    I want keep things simple, can I get the job done without ssh?
    What's the different between novaterm and ssh?

    BTW webos rocks!
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    you do not need to ssh in. novaterm and ssh just provide a terminal so they should be equivalent for your needs. You will need to remount the filesystem as rw. You may want to run "df" and see if the files you are editing are under a specific mount point that needs to be remounted other than the root of "/".

    edit/pS: welcome to P|C
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    Use novaterm and rootfs_open -w

    -- Rod

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