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    its not just the nokia exec heading to palm, samsungs quality R&D guru will be coming along too.

    From all Things D

    Earlier this month, Ari Jaaksi resigned as head of Nokia’s MeeGo division, citing “personal reasons” as the cause for his departure.

    Turns out “personal reasons” was actually a euphemism for “I’m joining Palm.”

    Sources close to the company tell me that Jaaksi has hired on as Senior Vice President of webOS at Hewlett-Packard’s Palm division. He’s to start in November, after relocating to the Bay Area, and when he does, he’ll lead Palm’s webOS engineering team.

    And Jaaksi isn’t Palm’s only new high-profile hire. Victoria Coleman, who recently headed up Samsung’s R&D Center in San Jose is joining the company as well. Her task: to oversee platform and application development for next generation versions of webOS.

    Palm’s also managed to pull some talent from within HP as well. Steven McArthur, the SVP of the company’s consumer applications business, is now heading up product marketing for Palm. Joining him are Enrique Lores, SVP of PSG worldwide sales, who is leading the Palm sales organization. Steve Manser, SVP of product development, oversees product management.

    Quite the line-up, and one that bodes well for Palm’s future webOS devices and its future at HP.

    Palm Hires Nokia‚€™s Ari Jaaksi and Samsung‚€™s Victoria Coleman | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD

    So looks like that brain-drain has been refilled.

    the Pre2 is not a product of this team, (clearly), and is probably a pre-acquisition development, put on pause a few months ago due to the merger.

    the next gen of devices could be very very interesting.
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    nice to hear
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