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    Hello ,this is showtime719 and I am new to this,first off i live in the Dominican republic,and i am unable to have a data plan on my palm pre.i have downloaded quick install and pre ware on my phone and i use the wifi function all the time,but my problem is that when i select an app it directs me to the app catalog,and i do not have access to the app catalog,is there a way around this or am i doomed because i cannot put too many apps on here,i dont even know if this is the place to ask questions,but i would really appreciate an answer,thanks in advance
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    Was your phone activated prior to arrival in Dominican Republic?
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    I dont really know,i would imagine so !i didnt buy it brand new,since its a cdma phone I am unable to have a dataplan on it.but theres one company that actually activated you can imagine the troubles i've been through to have a smartphone over here
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    Quote Originally Posted by showtime719 View Post
    i do not have access to the app catalog
    Can you expand on this? What are the error messages are you getting?

    Unfortunately the app catalog is persnickety when used in countries other than the one it was activated in and/or when activated in a counties not officially supported.
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    For instance when i connect to Wifi at my job per se,i can see all the apps on preware and when i click on installs it immediately directs me to app catalog,which from the start i've had no luck entering.but as soon as it goes there it tells me that its not available at this time try later!but i cannot click on the top tabs to even add an account because it sends me right out!
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    Preware is redirecting you because your selecting official app catalog apps.

    Sounds like your having issues related to your location. You could try using meta doctor, wipe the phone, bypass activation (being as cellular service is need for that) and try to make a new Palm Profile. That's all I can think of.

    May also want to read this thread. Similar-esque issues from Europe.
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