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    Hey PreCentral Community,

    i m writing a Bachelor- Thesis (scientific work) about Intellectual Property Modularity with the example: WebOS and Android.

    Now i need your help to pack everything into the work that needs to be there.

    I will write 3-4 pages of webos in general. What would you write about webos with just 3-4 pages to fill.

    can you name your?

    Must Have
    Should Have
    Nice to Have

    when i am ready with the ground work: Open Source Software, License, WebOS, Android, Multi Vendor, Single Vendor etc, i will publish my progress and will again rely on your help..

    thx for your help.

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    Not to rain on your thesis parade... but all of those questions have been answered in the forums if you just look. Sounds like you want the easy way out for your thesis work.
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    And that post (HelloNNNewmans) is an excellent example of why I've never been able to get good research from a forum. :P
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    i m in this community since the beginning. i know what to write about webos. now i need to find out stuff i missed or was to obvious to mention.
    its not the easy way, i will also mention this thread on my work, to show the strength of the community.


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