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    Hej guys,

    i synchronized my palm pre calendar by loading up .ics files. Worked fine but now i had different types like university and ice hockey in the same color and i couldnt change it. doesnt matter...

    i just want to know HOW i can DELETE the whole calendar entry? I erased all data on my googlemail-account and synced again my palm pre, but it still shows all entries...

    can u help me?

    kind regards,
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    Open calendar Menu (preferences and accounts in the upper left corner).
    Under accounts tap the account name > Remove Account > Remove calendar account. That will stop the sync of the calender events from that particular account.
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    except for the Palm account, can't delete that one and it's causing me lotsa grief with duplicating events that also won't delete.
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    Are there alternate local calendars that dont sync w/ the cloud?

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