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    Did you see your webOS device on TV or Movie or perhaps some other type of media?

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    Dang!!! I just got off and walked in on my fiance watching this episode. I was going to post this.
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    So I was watching Chuch tonight and spotted this....

    Makes me So Proud!

    Hope you all enjoy ;-)

    CBS/Survivor Fans eat your heart out...
  4. ay
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    I caught that too! My wife was laughing at me for being such a Palm geek when I suddenly paused and rewinded the Tivo to point it out while we were watching the show this evening
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    i saw that too!!! i want that theme!
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    Someone make this, stat!
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    I know... I felt like a freak going through the hastle making the screen shots! But I love WebOS
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    My husband totally rolled his eyes when I yelled, "Hey, that's a Pre!"
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    "hey!, is that new?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by dfroelich View Post
    "hey!, is that new?"
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    Saw the District Attorney recording a dying victims testimony on what appears to be a Palm Pre, even zoomed into it though you couldn't see the Palm Logo

    Also the Recorded video was played during the trial. Can't say if it was actually the video from the camera but you know the hollywood deal

    attached two screengrabs

    * Episode Airs tonight
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    I kno scene it on csi new york actullay all the csi
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    Victoria Chase (in red robe) is talking to a French dude on her Pre! Sweet to see another Pre in use on TV!
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    Has anyone seen the latest Marshall's commercial? It begins with a designer or stylist looking for her phone and saying she last had it texting, then they show her at a fasion show, and when she moves the things in her lap, she drops her phone on the floor & they show it really quick & it looks just like a Pixi!

    I can't find it on youtube yet
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    I just saw it on TV. It definitely looks like a Pixi.
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    Yup, I've seen it. Looks like a Pixi to me.
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    Ha ya I sent in a tip about it but have not seen it posted here yet good catch
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    I'm seeing the commercial more often now. It's been on abc7 and nbc sometimes during the morning news, and now I'm sure it's a Pixi. It's nice to see it on tv since usually only the Pre gets featured in things.
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    WebOS getting recognized . I do think the Pixi is "fashionable" phone.

    I recently saw the Pre Plus in a VZW commercial. It was featured in a commercial for the Samsung Fascinate. They said if you buy the Samsung Fascinte you can get any other phone free, and one of the phones showed was the the Pre Plus.
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    I just saw the Commercial too. Watched it twice and yes it was a pixi.
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