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    [QUOTE=rigatoni1374;2729461][url= ePrint Commercial Features Palm Pre… and Speed Racer Baby | webOSroundup[/url]


    That's right, get that Palm Pre advertised HP even if it is just a small part.
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    I hope it do get better than that though. They need a commercial that will blow everybody mind...especially the non-believers.
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    The trouble is to make a commercial that people will like. Remember, this is the company that managed to send adult men crying for mommy's lap by releasing a commercial featuring a young blonde woman in a summery dress sitting in a meadow -- scary! creepy!

    So I'll be looking forward to HP's marketing offensive, but it probably won't start before CES or after, when more impressive hardware is announced. Maybe they should play an easy listening hipster song in the background and just show a finger handling the device. With a lot of explosions going on!
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    This was already on the front page, I think they said it was a non hp vid but I could be wrong
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    ohh my bad then I guess I didn't see it. Well the guys comments on engadget made it seem HP official but who knows. I guess we can close this thread sorry
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    New to me.. Guess I pay more attention on the forum, than anywhere else.
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    from engadget. what do you guys think??

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    This was front page news yesterday I think, plus someone just posted this in the forums five minutes ago
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    oh man... i fail. sorry about that!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoD_trentonj View Post
    oh man... i fail. sorry about that!
    No worries man, I do stupid stuff all the time
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    All i hear on advertisements is about iPhone, Android apps and maybe Blackberry. I tell people about my Palm Pre and they get all smug. I just wanna slap 'em
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    Palm III-->Handspring Visor-->Sony Clie PEG-NR70-->no PDA -->Palm Treo 755p-->Palm Pre-->HP Veer
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    Supposedly it isn't a commercial, it's a technical demo (showcase?) something or other.
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    this is the same video on the website.

    why are people making it out to be an "unofficial" video???
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    <threads merged>
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    Pre on Castle 2nite.....
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    Dunno if it's new, but during the NBA premiere (Celtics vs. Heat) they aired a commercial for an HP printer a few times, touting its ability to print photos directly from your phone. And the phone used in the commercial was the Pre (oddly enough, a Sprint Pre).

    Not only was there a full-fledged commercial, but there was even one of those mini-ads at the bottom of the screen in the middle of the game, featuring the same Pre/printer combo.

    Granted, the commercial didn't really feature the Pre all that prominently, which is logical as it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to be advertising a phone when it's not even that new of a product (and the Pre2 has yet to be released stateside). But it was still cool to see my phone on TV again.

    Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else saw it.
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    pres and printers from hp were all nba game tonight
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    yeah, can't wait to multitask on my printer. JK, it will be cool to be able to print out pics from our phones wirelessly though. I like what HP is doing.
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