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    Quote Originally Posted by swtoombs View Post
    It looked like an AT&T phone. It is definitely a Pre+ as evidenced by the Gesture Area and I didn't see a Carrier String which I'm sure I would have if it said Verizon Wireless.
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    Busted for watching Canadian Television :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    Busted for watching Canadian Television :-)

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    Even more busted for borrowing pre-recorded Canadian TV
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    I went to the movies this past weekend and In the new Katherine Heigl/Josh Duhamel move "Life As We Know It", Josh Duhamel's character has a palm pre. I couldn't take a picture because 1)I didn't expect it, and 2) The usher would have thrown me out thinking I was taping the movie. But it's a clear as day shot of the phone ringing. I leaned over to my GF and said "See, he has a Pre!" LoL
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    Mac Taylor in the CSI New York Season 6 episode 21 or 22 (I don't remember) use his Palm Pre to search in his contact's list. He takes videos and pictures with his Palm Pre.


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    On How I Met Your Mother (Season 6, Episode 4) at around 32 seconds into the show, it looks like Marshall is using a Palm Pre! But it gets better – at around 16 minutes, Lily pulls out a Palm Pixi with the artist back cover prominently displayed!

    Whaddaya know? The Eriksens are Palm fans as well!
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    Nice. I wonder... It's not really product placement, since you can't see a brand name or anything. I wonder if they are just props kept by the studio, or if they are the actors' real phones. I'm betting there's a Palm geek at the studio and that those are props. Perhaps they chose them specifically because it's easy to disguise what brand they are. Who knows. Fun to speculate.
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    Allen from 2.5 Men has used one for quite a while.
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    Palm Pre appeared on United States of Tara season 2 like in May, here it is the scene:
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    The medical examiner - I believe the character's name is Sanchez - on "The Glades" on A&E uses a Pre... And it's actually a pretty good show too. Haha
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    The Office!
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    I just saw Bones use a Palm Pre.
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    be sure you mention it in this thread, as well. good catch!
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    Am I the only one who thought it was hilarious that Temperance mentioned that she was an excellent multitasker- and she uses her Pre in the same episode?

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    I loved seeing that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Think I saw one on House MD last night. Of course that was last season for you guys
    LOL... and I thought there was only like a 6 hour difference between here and there!
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    The new Marshalls commercial where it's a woman who in the fashion indusdry and ends up buying a whole bunch of sweaters where @ the end of the commercial she asks "anyone want to buy some sweaters (or something like that).. It's really a quick glance though if you look when she's at this fashion show, her excitment from noticing this sweater she drops her phone.. It's a Pixi
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