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    well would ya looka there
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    This has been in the Pixi forum for about two or three weeks.
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    the new how i met your mother has wayne brady holding a pre between the 2-3 minute mark.
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    I saw one at the airport last week., too.
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    I saw him on HIMYM. He was showing a picture to his father.
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    un.fortunately the new hawaii 5-0 has people using facetime as part of the plot. Wonderful product placement.

    palm, are you watching?
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    Just saw it on himym tooooo!
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    Eee! I'm such a nerd, getting excited over my first two Palm TV sightings! First up, Weeds season 6 episode 6 (aired last night)...

    Nancy retrieves Cesar's Palm Pre! I noticed it in the first scene were she takes it from him, although I can't see if it is a Plus or a Sprint Pre, I've checked all the scenes at 25%. Ah well, maybe I'll check an HD source... (shifty eyes!) I thought it was funny, at the end of the scene where Cesar is talking to his wife, it's implied that he hangs up the call by sliding it closed (hitting it on his leg). Of course this is not normal functionality, but can be done through patching! More captures at the end of the post.

    And a bonus!

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia! Season 6 episode 2 (most current airing!), Dee is using a pink Palm Centro! Very stylish, Dee! It jumped out at me right away, even though it was not really focused on in any scenes. This one is in HD, so, no problem.

    It looks like we've had a ton of Palm sightings in TV lately! Here's some more screencaps I took for you guys. I was considering doing a quick mash-up of the Weeds' Pre scenes and throw it on Youtube, but I'm way too tired tonight. Enjoy!
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    I am 99% sure Wayne Brady's character was using a Pre on How I Met Your Mother tonight as well
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    Yup!! I was just about to post that! He did have a Palm Pre/ Pre plus (they never showed the front). In the episode! However when he was showing his dad the picture of his son the phone made a "beep" sound that a real pre never makes! There's trivia for you! lol
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    Last night Barney's brother (played by Wayne Brady) had a Pre to show pictures of his son. They showed the phone twice - once with it open to show the mirror on the back and once closed.
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    Usually it comes up with something when I put in a title but I guess I didn't use HIMYM or it would have. LOL
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    I sent the tip in yesterday but they've yet to publish it.
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    haha yeah I saw it
    there was a second scene as well

    Also saw it on another show, but can't remember what it was
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    it was also on weeds, i tweeted precentral about it but no response. :|

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    Yeah. I caught it. Terrible episode though, so I made nothing of it.
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    yeah I saw it on weeds too.
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    I quit weeds after season 2. Sometimes it's better to end a series rather than bitterly stretch it past it's normal life jst for ratings.
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