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    Quote Originally Posted by nick1sp View Post
    But pre is the only slider phone in the smartphone world that can still slide portrait style to answer.

    saw Fringe with a pre.
    Yes that's true but it reminds me of those non-smartphones that have a portrait slider. It just bothers me that people not familiar with the pre will just lump it in the same group as those phones.
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    The movie "Skyline" has a Palm Pre, I'm thinking.... here's a couple of pictures that I captured:

    Kind of looks like a Windows Vista Theme or something
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    1) that theme is actually kind of sweet with the icons

    2) it seems to be running webOS 2 - note the (themed) Just Type bar on top!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GodShapedHole View Post
    1) that theme is actually kind of sweet with the icons

    2) it seems to be running webOS 2 - note the (themed) Just Type bar on top!
    It's an original pre-
    running a skinner version of webOS 2.0????
    With a skinned just type bar???


    Was an ok movie though
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    It begins with a designer or stylist looking for her phone and saying she last had it texting, then they show her at a fasion show, and when she moves the things in her lap, she drops her phone on the floor. Can't say if it was actually the video from the camera but you know the hollywood deal
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    I just saw the Pre Minus on a comerical for credit unions on comedy central. (1:30 am est 5-1-011). It was off <<link deleted> commercial, a new commericial with sprint and the pre minus, im pretty sure it wasnt the pre3, but still nice to see palm and sprint love.

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    On the Fox TV show Rasing Hope, Shannon Woodward uses a Palm Pre. It has an X painted over the logo, but it is a Palm Pre nonetheless.

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    I believe Dr. Hodgens on the Fox show "Bones" uses a Pre2, saw it pretty clearly in the next to last episode. haha
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    Not positive, but I think Hodgins was using a Veer. Those little connector pieces are pretty distinctive. And I also think Booth was using a pre3. No screen shots till I can find the episode though.
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    I watched it and am 90% sure it wasn't a Veer. I thought it looked more like the BB to me.
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    Tonight's episode? I'm pretty sure it was a Pre. I've seen him use Pre's in previous episodes. 1 or 2 episodes ago there was a clear shot of him holding the phone when Angela was ignoring his calls (Sadly I remember being excited that it was a clear shot and actually rewinded it on the DVR LOL). Bones/Brennen also use to use a pre but I haven't seen her use one this season.
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    Thats right guys. Fox with BONES has the Pre 3! I saw them using it yesturday when I was watching Bones. They aren't showing it very much but from the mirror in the back and the keyboard and how large it is it has to be a Pre 3. Can't be Pre 2. So thats cool!
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    Pics or ban! Lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Achill3s View Post
    Pics or ban! Lol
    Let me see if I can get some pics for ya! Don't wanna be BANNED lol
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    someone else posted this yesterday, but when I watched it looked more like a BB. Time to check Hulu!
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    There is a BlackBerry in there too. I am still trying to load the pictures I got.
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    They have used a Pre in Bones before, I bet that's all it was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by i2y4n View Post
    They have used a Pre in Bones before, I bet that's all it was.

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    That's what I thought. Generally I am up to other things while the wife watches Bones. I looked up at one point and saw Hodgins with a Pre device (as usual) and dismissed it as a -, + or 2. It would be interesting to know if it was in fact a 3 though. I skimmed through it on Hulu during lunch, but couldn't find the scene.
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    I don't think people realize that the Pre3 isn't all that much bigger than the Pre or Pre2. When you're talking overall shape and looking at somebody else holding it... It's hard to see a huge size difference.

    The Bones siting is just a Pre.
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    My wife and I regularly watch Bones. She used a Pre for a while, but always talked with the slider open which was annoying.

    At the beginning of the current season they had very clearly shown her to be using a windows phone.

    I haven't seen the most recent episode, but 2 weeks ago, it appeared they were back to using a pre of some type, it definitely wasn't a windows phone and it had a slider.

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