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    I just got out of the movie and had to come on here. She was definitely holding the original Palm Pre, I noticed the button on it.

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    I saw the movie "Life as We Know It" earlier today. (Cute chick flick. Fluff, but entertaining.)

    Towards the end of the movie, Josh Duhamel's character, misses a mobile phone call from Katherine Heigl's character.

    His phone is a Sprint Palm Pre (complete with hardware button in the center of the gesture area) !!

    As a bonus, unlike many Pre's on TV and film, this phone was actually running unaltered webOS, rather than a mockup fake version created by the film's special effects or prop department!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    Did you see your webOS device on TV or Movie or perhaps some other type of media?


    on the tj max commercial were the girl loses her phone and she ordered too many swaeaters. She lost her palm pixi
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    From last night's episode of "The League" on Fox FX

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    I saw the Palm Pixi Plus listed in "The Most Fashion Smartphones" or something like that in Vogue Men Mexico magazine, the curious thing is that the Pixi Plus is not sold on Mexico
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    just saw a new ad for hp on tv. it was about wireless printing. it had a guy on a beach use his palm pre to print a doc over the web on his office's printer...

    what im guessing is that this will come in 2.0....and this must also mean 2.0 is close....

    any thoughts??

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    very interesting...wish I could see the commercial! Maybe it is coming soon...hopefully we get the update before years end. Down side tho is that I have a pre- but hopefully 2.0 works smoothly one it
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    I mentioned in another thread that I've often seen a hackney cab with a giant Pre ad on the side.

    Haven't seen it in a while though...

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    Just watched the movie Skyline and she definitely was using the original Palm Pre. It looks like it had WebOS 2.0 with a custom theme. Also she was using the notification button as a trackball.
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    I saw it recently on the new wlseries 'the whole truth'
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    Hey.. was watching 'Star Trek - The Motion Picture' (yes, inventive title) and just realized that everyone one on that movie is wearing a Palm Pre on their belts!! Wow! LOL

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    the reason is that they don't ever use them. the battery was empty before they got out of the earth's atmosphere.
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    Nooo... this is in the future... they are powered with anti-matter cells in that century. But I think Spock was checking his out because it was displaying a TMC error.
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    New law! "If you find any pre's, they're mine! Lol. I remember seeing a commercial when a girl said she lost her phone and it could've dropped. They showed a flashback and surprisingly it was a pixi instead of a pre.
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    over at the political blog "Talking Points Memo" (Talking Points Memo | Breaking News and Analysis) they're using graphics of a Pre for their story on the military requiring service members to carry smartphones. See, THAT's what HPalm should do.. Jump on that bandwagon!
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    When i was watching my fav show, NCIS i saw the palm pre!! and then it was weird cuz it was being used like it had a front-facing camrea...and the app displaying was "myflashlight" and yea..idk the episode number or name but it was the one were the guy dies in the penthouse and then they have to find out how he died and his murder and all the traps and stuff...
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    @palmlover123 saw the same thing.
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