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    Ok heres the story. For the past few days my email on my Pixi+ has been not showing me my main email account in my list of favorites. Ive rechecked that little yellow star on my inbox a million times and it keeps taking it away. So I decided to delete my email account and reinstall it. Ive done this before and it went fine. Well it deletes it but now it still shows in my list of accounts but it only has an outbox! The inbox and sent and all that are gone. Did a battery pull and tried to delete it again with no luck. So I went and tried to re-add that same account and it wont let me. Says an account already exists with that email address. Well no kidding. New email doesnt come to the phone now for that account at all. Any way to fix this other than a trip to the dr? Thanks.
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    How many emails did you have in that account? Did you give it enough time to delete the emails from the device before pulling the battery? If you have a lot of emails on the device it can take 5+ minutes to completely remove. I don't know what the outcome would be if you pulled the battery before it was done. Data corruption is very possible when pulling the battery.
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    use the repair utility and delete all trash out of the trash folder and all uneeded email before you try to sync. But make sure you run the utility in override compatibility mode. Yes this will remove all patches and theme. But it could prevent a trip to the doctor.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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