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  • Yes all the time, how else am i supposed to open the launcher

    30 27.27%
  • nope, I just swipe up

    79 71.82%
  • What are you talking about?

    1 0.91%
  • unfortunatley have an Iphone or Android phone.

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    Just wondering does anyone ever use the launcher arrow button on the quick launch bar? I just swipe up; and I cannot remember the last time I used that thing.
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    I tend to use it about 50% of the time....
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    5% of the time.
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    no lol I press it every now and then just to make sure it still works.. But a quick swipe up is easier imo
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    algunas veces (sometimes)
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    hmmm,,i use it 100 percent of the time,tap,swipe,all the same result
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    never, palm should allow us to remove it. It's all about choice.
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    once in a while for no apparent reason. I'm very much hoping webOS 2.0 lets us customize that... so we can get rid of it and use it for another app.
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    All the time, that's how I always open the launcher.
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    I use it a lot. Everytime I'm in an app and want to open another, I use the wave and go straight to the launcher instead of stopping off at card view.
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    I use it a quite a bit about 60% of the time together with the wave bar.
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    I do not, however, pull up and use the wave bar. It drives me crazy!
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    Off topic:
    Okay... call me ignorant of terminologies. What is the wave bar? (don't laugh).

    Back to on topic. When I first got the Pre, I used it all the time. That was 8 months ago. Now I simply flick up from gesture area, and wish I can use the launcher icon spot for another app quicklaunch.

    Back to off topic.
    Now I finally figured out who this Buttercup person is. Took me a while.
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    ok I need help here I don't even know if I'm doin this right but if someone could help me with chatting on here and all I would love it . Sorry it's so off subject but I'm not understanding how and all
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    use it all the time when going two handed on the phone. When going one handed though, I flick.
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    my quick lauch bar is hidden so I don't see the arrow unless I pull up the wave bar. I love having the extra screen real estate
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