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  • Yes all the time, how else am i supposed to open the launcher

    30 27.27%
  • nope, I just swipe up

    79 71.82%
  • What are you talking about?

    1 0.91%
  • unfortunatley have an Iphone or Android phone.

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    No, I do not. Wish you could take it off the quick launch in favor of some other app.
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    Count me in the use it all the time camp.
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    I don't use it, but I would if it worked the way the old home button did in the last iteration of Palm OS. I'd like to be able to hold it down and get an active list of the last few lauched apps. That would be cool. Just another example of Palm functionality that I really miss.

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    I'm 50/50 but as my quick launch is hidden, swiping up the one time (when another card is fully expanded) and using the arrow on the wave launch is a lot faster than a double swipe for me. I'm getting to the point where I have so many different apps, and believe me I've tried to organize them (9 pages of launcher) and hide the ones I don't need, I find that when I want to use an app, I just type the app in which is even faster than scrolling around to look for it.
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    I'm one of those that most of the time just forget the wave is there. Mostly I remember it when it's time to show off WebOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maestro1 View Post
    Just wondering does anyone ever use the launcher arrow button on the quick launch bar? I just swipe up; and I cannot remember the last time I used that thing.
    yeah I always do, I never use the swipe up. I always use the button on the gesture area too. The swipe up gesture is cool but it sems easier o just tap a button. I actually trained myself to use the the button though because otherwise it doesn't have a purpose. Plus I'm used to hitting the button on my iPod Touch so that seems natural.
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    I use the Launcher when using the Wave Bar which is when inside an application. If I'm in card view or have nothing open I'll swipe instead.
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    Just realized I lied earlier without even knowing it.

    I HAVE to use the button if I want to move ICONS on my launcher. Swiping up doesn't let me.

    Not sure if it's theme related but doubt it since I've notice the icons don't always move when I wanted. Must have been pressing the button when I did get them to finally move.

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    Never use it...have wave hidden pulling the wave up to launch my calendar but the swipe up works best for the launcher with my configuration.
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    I swipe up. I wish I could get rid of it!
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    I use the wave and go straight to the launcher instead of stopping off at card view.
    I never thought to do that. D'uh. Fewer gestures, and less mental switching. Thanks!
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    very rarely.
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    i use it quite often...
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    Never. +1 on hopefully being able to remove it...

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    Crap!!! Until now, I didn't even know you could just swipe up to bring up the launcher, and I've had my Pre for a year. I may just completely hide the launcher now, since I don't need it.
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    If I could remove it, I would be using something else.
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    once ever...
    ok twice... I just did it again for old times sake...
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    Always, swipe up to open, swipe up to close is very strange. I prefer to use the little icon.
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