way back when I got my Pre in september 4th 2009 (it was a good day) I spent a wholehpur linking together contacts that didn't automatically link. So, if the usernames were different I linked them manually.

then one fateful day I webos doctored. Aannnd discovered that your Palm Profile doesn't save your manually linked contacts. Bah.

so I got smart: I renamed all the contacts that I wanted to link the exact same name so I wouldn't have to do it myself, the phone would autolink them.

but you ant do this for certain things like google talk addresses, the phone simply won't allow you to change thename of the contact.

I really want them linked to my buddies phone ukbers and other contacts, its what the phone is supposed to do, it makes it easier to keep in touch with them, andthen their facebook pic shows up in the messaging app.

but I am sick of having to re-link them every time that I have to doctor my phone.

is there any way to back this data up? Will save/restore back it up? It sure didn't this last doctor.

please someone help out my OCD nature to have everything perfectly linked together on my phone.