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    So, one of the things I do is sit in long musical rehearsals with nothing to do. I usually take the time to browse on my Pre.

    I read several aggregators, like Fark, BoingBoing, Neatorama, and until recently Digg (can anyone see Digg on the WebOS browser any more?).

    Tonight I came across some fun pictures and interesting videos. Now I'm home, and heading for bed, and would like to show these to my wife. Problem is:

    1. There's no computer or laptop upstairs.
    2. The Pre is too small for two people to look at comfortably.

    What I would like to do is point my Pre at the TV (or, failing that, plug it in somehow), and watch these captured tidbits on a bigger display.

    Wifi seems to be the only radio service the Pre provides that might allow enough bandwidth to actually stream something to an external display. From my understanding Bluetooth is too narrow, as is CDMA.

    I've read several comments on previous threads to the effect of "who'd want to watch a Pre display on a TV/Projector/etc?". Well, if I've got the YouTube link on my phone, I would.

    From what I've gathered, this isn't possible currently with Palm devices because of hardware. Are any of the Androiders/iOSers doing this? I seem to recall iPhone peripheral designers figured out a way to interface an iThing to a bigger screen.

    That would be awesome. Maybe the Mansion will give that capability - if HP is making a big push toward the Enterprise, I can so see where the capability of a limited PowerPoint type app to send stuff tapped out on a plane flight to a projector to be a real game-changer..
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    Software, not Hardware, is the problem. What you want is a DLNA connection, and there's nothing in the Pre that would prohibit it from establishing one - it just wouldn't know how.

    However, I do seem to remember having read somewhere that DLNA support is being prepared for 2.0. You may want to google around a bit to confirm that I wasn't just hallucinating that but yeah, you may not even have to move out of your Castle and into a Mansion to get what you want.

    Only the in-flight scenario seems unlikely to me.

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