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    At 3.23 in this pitch for SPB Mobile Shell 5 you can see a bookmark for Palm.
    Does this give reason to suspect that SPB is planning to implement their UI for WebOS?

    Whilst I wouldn't want such a move to disrupt the functionality of WebOS, the integration of widget support and other aspects of mobile shell into my home screen would be welcomed .
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    It would be interesting to see what customizations they would bring to webOS, but I don't think webOS can be customized to that extreme level.
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    I would LOVE to see this for WebOS. That is the cleanest, smoothest UI I've ever seen. Amazing. Would be damn nice to finally have widgets available.
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    Per SPB website they have only ported SPB TV and SPB Flashcards to webOS. They show 40 software titles for Windows Mobile (Touchscreen) including 16 game titles. Since they are probably busy porting all their Windows Mobile apps over to Windows Phone 7 they might take a while porting more products to webOS.

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    yeah spb mobile shell made windows mobile into a cool widgetized interface...someone from google took a cue and made android...
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    I used SPB Mobile Shell on my VZW 6800 a couple years back. Really transformed WinMo into a more modern, slick, and more usable platform. These guys make great software.

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