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    StatCounter Global Stats - Browser, OS, Search Engine including Mobile Market Share

    Apparently for the previous 12 months in North America; Symbian, Samsung, and Playstation mobile browsers register more traffic than Web OS. That is just plain pathetic. Looking at this makes me realize why few developers give webOS the time of day. HP-Palm are basically starting from scratch. At this point there is statistically nothing to lose by waiting forever to release new hardware. It makes no difference if you and I give up on the platform because it is already effectively non-existent. HP is going to need something on the order of an Iphone type of release to make any dent in market share. The playstation browser!! Come on.
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    Hence the reason why the HP buyout is such a boon for Palm. It's plainly obvious that the HP needs to start from scratch as far as the general public consumption of webOS is concerned. I think that's a good thing.. why? It's simple.. have you SEEN HP's advertising? It's fantastic. Even their product placement is fantastic.. try flipping on "Project Runway" sometime and see how hard the designers on that show push HP TouchSmart PCs. My GF watches that show religiously and is always going on about how she wants one of those HP touch-tablets they use.

    I have every confidence that when HP does this, they're going to do it right. They have some serious media muscle, they have HUGE worldwide brand recognition, and (at present) make some pretty damn compelling hardware for the most part (not too hot on their printers but their PCs/Laptops have been solid).

    I, for one, still enjoy my launch-day Sprint Pre. Thanks to the fine folks at webOSInternals, the contributions of the venerable JayCanuck, and the other amazing patch-makers out there, I'm totally satisfied with my mobile experience at present. Once HP gets around to pushing out some new quality hardware, I'll be there waiting with an open wallet.

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