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    Hi there,

    I tried to find something about my problem on this forum, but with no luck, so no one probably had this problem before...

    I found, that I have problem with receiving long sms (sms longer than one message (160 characters)) from my friend.

    I was normally chatting and detected, that some messages did not come to me. After some investigation with my friend, who were sending me that sms, I found, that problem is probably in that border limit of 160 characters. When she sent me short one, everything is ok... From operator's logs I know, that that long sms were normally received by my phone, but phone told me nothing... no notifications, no sms in chat, simply nothing...

    Strange is, that I'm receiving long sms from other contacts without problems (I hope so...till now, I didn't detect any other contact to be affected) and she is normally sending long sms to other people without problems too. It's like my Pre is unable to reconstruct whole message from that X splitted parts of original long sms or what... She had Nokia 6300... Maybe there is some differencies in Nokia's way to send/split long sms.

    It looks like a bug in webOS. Happened this to someone too?
    Is there any way to look what happened in my Pre? (some local logs or something...)


    Thx for reactions...


    My phone & site: Palm Pre, webOS 1.4.5, world read 1.3, Czech Telefonica O2
    Her phone & site: Nokia 6300, no info about firmware version, Czech Telefonica O2
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    You might be right about a bug issue causing that problem. I notice that before I had installed the "Avatar Patch" I wasn't abe to send msgs longer than 160 characters, now I notice that the message format is different and I'm not limited to a certain amount. I've receive and sent messages that have up to four attachments on it.
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    I'm on O2 Germany and never had any problems with long SMS; any SMS, no matter how long, is displayed in full within one "bubble". I do have an avatar patch installed, but it was no different before I installed it.

    Maybe this is a network issue? I know that I used to have similar problems on my old HTC phone, but only when sending/receiving international SMS. Seemed like a network issue to me then, and I still can't shake that feeling...
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    Thanks for reaction...but it cannot be network issue, coz when I replace my sim card to my old Sony Ericsson K550i, long sms works like charm from that friend... :-/

    Any other idea?
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    I've experienced the same problem.. I get all of the message from my friend with T-Mobile, but I usually get like, 2 of the 3 messages, or something like that, from my friend with Verizon. It might be like sadie84 said and have to do with the servers, because from what I've experienced that makes sense

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