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    So I have an odd problem on my wife's Verizon Pre Plus phone. She can add apps and run them, she can move them between pages on her launcher. But when her phone reboots, all of the apps reset to their home positions and all the downloaded apps fall into the first page.

    I can't find anyone else having this problem. I've used WebOS Doctor to reset her phone and she's still having that problem. (plus some annoying Facebook bug that doesn't show everyone's photos)

    My own Pre Plus has none of these issues. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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    You tried the Advanced Configuration for App Launcher patch?
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    you might want to look at emergency patch recovery.
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    I had this problem once.
    Came from it losing power while booting.
    I had to have it replaced.
    I've heard of some people able to fix it w/ webOSDoctor (didn't work for me), but sounds like you already tried that.
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    I have a similar problem. Every time the phone reboots, even Luna, icons get shuffled in the launcher.
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    i had this happen to me. i agree that i think it has to do with a reboot occuring at a time when something else is happening. for me it was loading a new app. i lost all my setting. i did a dr. that same night and everything came back. i think the problem is that if you wait to long and you have your profile backed up with the new pages it will never go back. so try and dr. it and put them all back. it should hold after that.
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    I have never had to doctor before...

    Should I run EPR first or what?
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    Nevermind. I got it done.
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    I'm pretty sure I came up with a solution that does not require Doctoring, it's actually a pretty easy fix:

    Sorry to those of you that had to Doctor already.

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