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    Today the android and iphone stumble upon apps were released, i emailed them and asked if a webOS app was coming. i recieved this reply.

    Hello Estefany,

    Thanks for contacting us.

    We have recently launched apps for Android-powered
    devices, and for the iPhone. We regret that we
    have no immediate plans for a Palm app, but if
    sufficient support is presented in our Community
    forum, we will certainly review our plans on that

    Community-powered support for StumbleUpon


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    I'm considering setting up a page on their community forum if i'm not alone here, am i the only one.
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    I used to use it a lot on my computer when they first came out but I dont really much utility in it. I will however lend support if others want it. The more apps we have the better but I wouldn't hold my breath based on the response you got back from them.

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