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    Okay, so I have a dream, what I think is a great idea for a future use of webOS.

    I am a car audio buff, and the more I have been thinking about it, it is way behind the ages it seems technologically compared with 4g smartphones and tablets, etc.

    In addition we have seen the addition of systems like SYNC by Microsoft being integrated into Ford's vehicles from the factory, which I think is an awesome concept, however I think there are so many things that webOS already, that could be integrated into factory, and especially aftermarket car head units.

    I imagine a touchscreen head unit, offered in double din or flip out units, which allows for anywhere from a 5"- 7" diagonal screen size, (Dell Streak -Galaxy Tab size range) running webOS. This unit is something you could buy at BestBuy and install in your vehicle on a weekend.

    In addition this unit would have at least a 100gb hard drive, wifi and bluetooth enabled, the whole works. Imagine getting into your car in the mornings, and setting you palm phone on your in car touchstone, and via mode switcher (or exhibition?) mobile hotspot is automatically kicked on, and bluetooth enable, and all of you notifications start coming to you through the stereo interface, just like on your phone.

    Then you can open up you media player on your head unit, which links to your cloud storage of all of your music, or choose pandora, or any other app you so choose.

    Open up google maps and have turn by turn directions to your destination. Swipe to card view and check the weather on your weather widget, or app of choice, open up your email via new email notifications, Oh! text just came in from the wife/husband.

    You are able to take phone calls through the car stereo since it is bluetooth enabled and has a microphone as well. Heck, it even has a forward mounted camera for video conferencing (1 way of course for road safety).

    I mean the options are endles with a webOS enabled unit in the car.

    Maybe I am dreaming too big, but I think if HP were to do something like this soon, they could define a new market noone else has really touched save for Microsoft SYNC.
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    I think webOS would be perfect for that.

    the feature I really want is to be able to swipe up and flick a car off the road when it cuts me off...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    I think webOS would be perfect for that.

    the feature I really want is to be able to swipe up and flick a car off the road when it cuts me off...
    That would be great. But if they had a similar unit in their car, you could pick it up via blutetooth and send then a nasty message!
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    I really like your ideas! I do agree that mobile tech is painfully ancient as of now. A single dinn 7" flip-out headunit running webOS would be amazing! I would definitely buy one.
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    And the accelerometer would make the screen stay upright even if you roll the car!
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    I want a webOS TV and a webOS pad (on fridge) which sync with my calendar and notes.
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