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    now what is this?
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    It is: This application is not available for your model !

    Meaning there are two different Processors available for webOS, the one is in the Pixi (Plus) and the other in the Pre (Plus).
    It seems to be that the program You are looking at is a PDK App compiled for the other Palm (whichever You have).

    Besides, the Information You are giving regarding Your problem is quite incomplete, so i wonder why You think You will get another answer than:
    "This application is not available for your model"

    (Next time: Which model do You use, which App are You talking about ?)

    Regards Ralf
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    I would believe this would be a Pixi issue mostly. I have seen this so many times that I am going to get a Pre. On the other hand I guess you might see that if you attempted to install one of the Pixi only apps on a Pre but I find that highly doubtful.
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    Was happening with "No-Nonsense Weather" on the Pre for a while, but I think it is fixed now.
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