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    so there i am, sitting completely still on I64

    someone had an accident and the highway was shut down for 75 minutes. i had 2 bars on the I decided Id use the time to try out the gameboy advance emulator...I saw it in the catalog but it said it was free on preware. so I fire up preware and download it. open up the web browser and download a rom. fire up visual boy advance and it says "open pre on computer in usb mode, create this folder and put roms there"....well I dont have a computer in the car to do that. so, I remember about internalz file manager, so I fire up preware again, download that....create my directory, move the downloaded rom to the correct directory and open up visual boy advance and bam! playing game boy color games....all while sitting on the highway!

    this community never ceases to amaze in what they'll do! visual boy worked perfectly smooth on 800mhz too

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    I just did something similar. Ubercalendar just came out with the new updated patch, not yet in preware. I emailed the link to myself downloaded it to my phone, Internalz fired up all by itself uninstalled the old patch and installed the new version. I didn't know how to do this it just kinda happened. Pretty cool.
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    I had a similar experience the other day wthe dark theme for tweed patch. Emailed it to myself, thought I'd have to find it with internalz and then instal, but as soon as it downloaded internalz fired up and did it's thing. Pretty slick.

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