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    they should call it "HP WebOS by Palm"
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    Wow. This shows how desperate we are for news.
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    I think everything that is not a phone, so tablets, media players, game consoles, etc that uses WebOS should be called an HP product.

    The phone products should however be called Palm, but just put that HP logo on the back too, but dont reference it.

    Much like they did with the ipods... no one actaully called them HP ipods.... but the logo was still there

    and WebOS should just be called WebOS... why does it need something infront of it?
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    Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they just went back to the original Palm naming scheme.

    Would the HP Palm (as a device name), HP Palm II, etc. really be a bad idea? That way, you'd keep the brand name, and maybe be able to bring back some nostalgia for those who started around the time of the original Pilot.
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    Hi all,

    To me the bigger issue isn't if it is called HP webOS or Palm webOS. The most interesting portion of the article is the fact that HP is doing exactly what I said they would...pushing hard at getting new apps, by porting or written directly for webOS. HP has the $ and the marketing prowess that Palm didn't.

    Take care,

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