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    Just got prompted by silverlight (netflix) that i can keep it full screen while interacting with other windows. Most awesome thing ever! The closest thing to it before was hulu pop outs maximezed, but it still wasnt as nice. This may not seem like a big deal, but when you use two monitors and work late at night after everyone goes home it rocks!

    Now this may seem like it has nothing to do with WebOS, but the point i am getting at is why wasnt i able to do this from day one? Its the simplest improvements that make programs great and WebOS has plenty of them, but i cant wait to see what 2.0 comes up that gives me the same joy as my full screen netflix while doing data entry!
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    The only answer is a dual-screen smartphone. You could play Angry birds on one screen and have a youtube video showing you the perfect trajectory on the other

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