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    Alright so, I have uberkernel for 1.4.5 installed on my pixi.
    I also have govnah installed.

    I noticed my new pixi eating battery way faster then my previous pixi did.
    I have the same programs installed as my old pixi.

    I am using default palm profile in govnah, which shows 122mhz min and 600mhz max.

    So, fine while screen is on and Im doin stuff its 600mhz and if I stare at guvnah it goes between 122 245 or 600mhz using 2 sec polling times.

    So, I let it sit w/ screen off for good half hour on polling times of 10 seconds and leave guvnah running in foreground. I come back to it, look at it and my CPU is at 600mhz the entire time the screen is off?!?!? Is it supposed to be this way?
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    You need to be using the "screenstate" governor to make the CPU speed drop while the screen is off.
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    I dont see that governor as an option in do I get it? Or does pixi not have it?
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    To change the Governor open Govnah, tap Profile, and select a ScreenState profile if defined (otherwise tap Advanced Settings and configure one yourself making sure CPU frequency is set to screenstate).
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    Yeah my cpu frequency options are missing screenstate =/
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    I don't think that the Pixi supports the screenstate governor.

    Most of the people here are using Uberkernel on their Pre. They don't realize that the Pixi doesn't have the same features.

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