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    I downloaded an app called Auto Correct Edit, and it's horrible. Whenever I try to delete it my phone freezes and I have to take out the battery and restart it. I want to get rid of that app.. please help!
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    Why is it doing this? How else can I delete this app?
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    Generally you will get fewer responses if you are creating multiple threads on the same topic:

    If you can provide some info, that might get people thinking about how to help you.

    What carrier and webOS version? Do you have Preware? have you overclocked? What Kernel? What patches are you running? What app is causing the problem, or is it the same with any app?

    Also, you can jump on the Palm support site and start a (free) chat session so they can check your profile and make sure you don't have a problem with the app list that it keeps in there for you.
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    yeah..happened to me too, try removing through webosquickinstall
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    How? I'm new to this and idk exactly what to do
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    you used quickinstall to install preware. now open quickinstall with your phone connected to your laptop, and use the option to "manage" your device. you can add or remove stuff from there.
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