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    Quote Originally Posted by warlord9159 View Post
    Edit your post. go advanced. click on the image under "Additional Options ". copy pop up URL and close.
    click on insert image tag. past URL. done
    I tried that and kept getting invalid file error... any help on this ?
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    Nothing fancy here...
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    No link for this one, pic taken myself
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    Quote Originally Posted by new2pre View Post
    I tried that and kept getting invalid file error... any help on this ?
    You have to post your picture to something like Photobucket. Go to the site Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket and start a free account. If you have the Advanced Configuration for System Preferences patch installed, you can go to your Photos app and go to Preferences and Accounts and add account, you'll have Facebook and Photobucket to choose from. Put in your info. Go to the picture on your phone that you want to upload, press it and then press the arrow button

    when you get on Photobucket, select your picture then look for this:

    when you click on that button it auto copy's the URL, then you can paste it here.
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    This is an old thread that got kinda lost. lol. I've recently been playing with the images on mine. Kinda making my own theme.

    Home Screen

    And Just for Fun...

    Screen Lock

    Screen Lock 2
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    These are bourbon barrels at a Kentucky distillery waiting to be shipped off to make that inferior adult beverage - scotch.

    ( I tried to attach the image here but it did not work )
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    Seems there is more than one angry birds fan in this thread.

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