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    Ok as the title it possible to use a Sprint Pre wifi board in a Sprint Pixi. I have a broken refurbished Pre and saw that Sprint has the Pixi on sale for free until 10/30/10.
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    However you can use the radio board from a Verizon pixi+. I got my Verizon pixi on ebay for $52 shipped!
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    The Pre's and Pixi's boards have different components. In the Pre, the cellular radio and WiFi are on the radio board. In the Pixi, the cellular radio is on the main board. WiFi is on the board containing flash memory. Argueably, you should be able to swap any Pixi Plus memory/wifi board for the one is the Sprint Pixi. Just remember to do an over-the-air backup and manually save anything what you want to keep that isn't backed up (game scores/status, etc.).

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