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    I'm rather curious, as my battery seems to be draining rather fast, even with an extended battery. So if everyone can take a few minutes, would you mind comparing?

    Using Govnah and watching my mA drain, here's what I've noticed, using these:
    -Uberkernal default of 500mHz
    -Wifi ON
    -Data OFF
    -Bluetooth OFF
    -GPS OFF
    -Brightness 5%
    -Open cards: Govnah, this website's new thread screen, and whatever app I'm testing (for the web test I opened a new card)

    While idling (screen on, few cards open, nothing active)
    Screen off (using screenstate 125/500)
    Web browsing (loading pages every minute or so, things like facebook mobile and precentral)
    Listening to music with the speakerphone (Music (Remix) beta)
    Playing a game (in this case: Angry Birds)

    I've always thought these seemed unusually high.. What is everyone else getting for their drains?
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