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    Cards / multitasking.
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    The card system implemented in webOS is second to none. Switching between open apps is intuitive and seamless.


    The dashboard system in webOS provides a convenient, unobtrusive way to access your notifications, which by the way any app can provide to a user. In addition, apps can provide interactive dashboards essentially giving users quick one-touch access to their apps while working in other apps.

    Mulitasking and dashboard notifications are a one-two punch that no other mobile OS can defend against.
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    the webOS community is the best!
    Jimmie Geddes
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    In another condition, this phone was not running stability and correctly
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    a lot of things, but mostly: card system multitasking, notifications system, gestures, homebrew, and the tight community behind webOS
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    with me it's the gestures, customizing thru patches, homebrew and kernels, the community is awesome. i have learned a lot about this phone and solved many problems with this help of precentral.
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    Ease of use. With the ability to have several cards open (multitask), switch between them with gestures and the nice notification system it is just a convenient way to do things.
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    I just switched over to the new Sprint Samsung Epic 4g android phone because I was having hardware issues with my fourth Pre. The thing I miss the most with Webos is the multi-tasking card view and notifications. WebOS is by far the easiest most productive system I have used. I wish Palm/HP would come out with some sweet new hardware. My 4" Super Amoled screen with 1Ghz processor is just plain amazing! I would go back to Palm if they had the hardware!
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    This phone basically made it so I barely use a PC while home and always have information on the go. It's really the software, not so much the hardware, that's great. If I had to choose again I would get a Pixi+, I'm tired of the issues with the slider on my Pre+.
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    I too went to the epic but I came back to webos (bought a used pixi)

    the touchstone in my car, better bluetooth compatibility and ability to pause play multiple apps from lock screen made me come back.

    I now admit android is ..clunky
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