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    Recently, OpenFeint has released their SDK for Android. For those who are not familiar w/ OpenFeint, here's a snippet and link for your viewing pleasure.
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    Classic social competition. Increase engagement and use our open APIs to integrate data directly with your game's UI.

    Game Center Compatible
    Seamless integration so you can mix & match the best of OpenFeint and Game Center. Learn why and how you should integrate both.

    Turn-based Multiplayer
    For games played in one sitting or over a few days - complete with push notifications. Coming soon to Android!

    SMS & Email Invites
    To share games with any friend, whether on iOS or Android - via SMS or email. Coming soon to Android!


    I sent over a tweet earlier today and asked @Openfeint if they would ever consider releasing an SDK for webOS devs to get in on the action. The response was...

    "@JohnnyPre - We're def thinking about it :-)"

    I know we have a very, adamant, and persuasive community when it comes to requesting 'other dev's' to give webOS a chance. With that in mind, I was hoping for a helping hand in convincing the dev's thay there is a demand for multiplayer games in/on webOS.

    I was unable to locate an email because all the 'Contacts' onthe website are forms. How about it?

    Twitter: @Openfeint

    Thanks in advance,
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    Sad, shameless, bump.
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    I will definitely send a tweet or email to get this to webOS. I really love this community.
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    Help! They've said 'more interest lately'!!

    We can do this. Tweet, fax, Facebook, whatever! I think this will make a major impact for gaming dev's..
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    I tweeted them they are still thinking about it!! I think they just need to see more webOS support from users!
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    I shot them an email after the first post.

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