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    Is anyone else having problems updating feeds? It is 9:36am Eastern and I tap "Preware" or "Update Feeds" and it errors out and no apps are available. There is a huge error displayed but I can only see the bottom portion as scrolling is not an option. Is this just bad timing on my part? Are the feeds in some maintenance mode?

    [Preware Feature Request]
    1. Allow error dialogs to be scrolled in and possibly have the text copy to the clipboard to be pasted in an email to get it on the ol' fat computer

    2. Don't choke when 1 feed is unable to be retrieved. Simply pop up a msg box saying "unable to update <feed>, some programs will not show" and continue the process.

    Thanks for reading.

    EDIT: Seems to work now, must have been something with feed maintenance.
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    My pixi plus has been like that for 2 days, quick install isn't working either.

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