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    UPDATE #1:
    Thx to squeezy for the suggestion... let's use #vzwfixmygps @Verizon on twitter so that we have a concerted effort to make as much noise as possible.


    I'm not even on Verizon, but I'm saddened and angry after reading the post on the precentral front page today.

    For those that missed it, here is the link:

    So, I suggest we do something about it. The community in these forums have shown that we are able to pull together and get the words out to affect change. So, let's pull together and help out the Verizon webOS users amongst us and use:
    to spread the words about what Verizon is doing.

    Let's all link back to the story in the URL above, and pick a day, this coming Monday September 20th, 2010, to create some buzz.

    Perhaps we can even ask Mr. Ski Mask (@releasemypre on twitter) to provide some choice words as well he seems to be doing a fine job so far with 1.4.5

    So... What say you? Are you in?
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    I hate you Verizon.

    Seriously. The only way to affect them is hit them where it hurts, the $$$. People need to cancel. But webOS users are a minority, so I doubt they would care even at that.

    I hate Verizon.
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    i'm going to the FCC and the BBB and anyone that will listen
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

    Shouldn't we treat this world like the Garden of Eden and avoid the apple at all costs?
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    As I said earlier under the blog, Big Red has all ready made their money off Pre Plus customers, and they've locked ya in for the two years. And the only way to get out is to give them even more money and they wont even have to give you what little service they all ready do.
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    I plan on harassing them on Twitter now. I plan on going to the store I pay my bill at most of the time and plea this case
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    I know that webOS users are a small minority within Verizon. The point I am trying to make is that you should embrace and ask for assistance from your fellow webOS users who may be willing to help. I'm not on Verizon, but I'll help because what they are doing is just shady and under-the-belt douchy.

    WHEN you win, we all win. Don't just sit back and accept defeat. And don't just complain that nothing can be done. As long as we are all civil and firm in getting the message out, we will get the attention of others who understand and symphathize with what's happening. And eventually, with enough public outcry and backlash, Verizon will have to discontinue this practice.
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    Agree with above...not only will we help Verizon webOS users, but also any other Verizon customers in the future...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Payne View Post
    i'm going to the FCC and the BBB and anyone that will listen
    That will not help. The Telcos, Verizon included, have bought the FCC. Think differently? Look at how many choices you had for internet in 2001. How many do you have today for your home? Most areas have 2 their local telco and their local cable co.
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    I believe now, after all of Jonathan's hard work that we only have one tool left available to us. We've been very reasonable and patient with Verizon and they refuse to honestly admit that they have hobbled the Pre Plus in order to profit from VZ Navigator.

    Verizon has responded to a class action lawsuit in the past and will have the opportunity to do so again. Here is a link to the class action lawsuit filed on behalf of Blackberry users when Verizon was flat out falsely advertising GPS capabilities of the 8830.

    The circumstances are a bit different now, I don't believe they are falsely advertising this time, but since only their paid GPS application fully works on the Pre Plus and none others do, I believe they are working in a gray area that needs to be corrected and can through a CA lawsuit.

    I have no idea how to get started, but will be doing research and asking for help from anyone who has experience and can lend a hand with this.

    I think we can use this forum for the very beginning, but will probably move to a more appropriate space when necessary.

    First off we need to gather all the research other developers have done into this issue, I believe we have a ton of incriminating evidence to support the issue. If you know of a forum that discussed this in the past, please post it here. Also, if you know of a good service for collaboration, once we outgrow this forum, please let us know.


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    Maybe we can get @releasemypre (Ski-Mask Guy) to help out again!
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    lets do a tweeter shark attack
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    #vzwfixmygps ??
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    What other phones does Verizon currently cripple the GPS on? Maybe we can get them in on it too, in order to increase our numbers and visibility.
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    My sister-in-law has an HTC Droid phone on Verizon and she gets full GPS and even gets a free program that gives her turn by turn directions! She thought I was absurd when I told her that Verizon charged for GPS. She had no idea because she wasn't being charged!
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    I must be in the minority on Verizon; my GPS seems to work pretty well, and I think it may have even improved with 1.4.5. Google maps shows my position about 10-15 seconds after I tap the icon for G-maps, and part of the time is probably for downloading the maps from Google. My GPS based weather apps get a fix immediately. I don't have any patches or GPS fixes installed right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by squeezy View Post
    #vzwfixmygps ??
    sounds good to me. i'll add it to the original post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QuarlesLT View Post
    Maybe we can get @releasemypre (Ski-Mask Guy) to help out again!
    Sounds like a good idea. Let's.
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    i thought this would get more traction than this... does no one care that verizon is blatantly giving webOS users the unloved-step-child treatment? even if you're not on verizon (like myself) this can't be good for us all.

    i love webOS and don't want it to go away... if you feel the same, lend a hand by retwitting and pointing back to this thread and the story referenced in the first post.
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    I thought this would be more popular too. I will still continue to bug VZW on a day to day basis regardless.
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    ha, vzw will never arry another palm phone because we are pests, and they will never talk to anotjer customer like they did jonathan!

    i'm in. Tweeted!
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