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    hey @vzwsupport #vzwfixmygps there are other apps besides vznavigator that would like to use the palm pre gps. Thank you
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    I must be in the minority too, because although my gps isn't perfect, it works okay for me. Google maps opens and at first gets me close with google locator, which is basically triangulation. After a minute or two, it will grab my true location with the gps. BFG Maps works very fast to get my location with gps, much better than google. Whenever an app like weather needs my location, it never has any trouble getting it, probably because it uses triangulation. I don't use the gps fixer or open vzw navigator. This works that same way on two different pre's I have had.

    I understand that the gps on the Pre may not be as good as some of the other phones, and yes, it seems like Verizon has limited it's use. But I bet many people are like me and can live with the less than perfect functionality.

    And yes, I know some people will say "But Verizon advertised gps for the Pre." Yes, but Palm also advertised Docs to Go editing and Flash, which we don't have either.

    And if Verizon wants to limit the gps to get more vzw navigator users, then they have that option. Personally, I think the mobile hotspot for free overrides the gps issues.
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