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    if I leave my pre for for a android device for a while. What will happen to my palm profile?
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    It will be right there.. Until you're ready to come back. Note: You can always have it terminated by contacting Palm.

    Cheers. ~
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    Great question - should we?

    I just went to Epic and loving it. I loved my Pre, but on 6th with hardware problems. I have been on Palm since 650 but there is just so much more useful, fun things - meaning
    apps, software, etc., on my new big screen.

    As a Premier customer, might be back in a year if HP puts out new phone.

    I didn't want to post goodbye (tired of those), but I want to say a big THANKS to all the developers and members who have done thankless work to make this phone as useful and updated as it is. I really like the system, would not hesitate to come back, and will
    continue to read, stay updated, and help where possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nmoreman View Post
    Great question - should we?
    If by "should we" you mean "ask Palm to terminate our profiles" - doing so will make you lose any Apps that you may have previously bought.
    If you are thinking about returning to webOS at some point, you should probably just let your profile rest.

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