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    I recently went through some of my preloaded apps that I don't use, one of them being PDF Viewer, and hid them from the launcher by adding "Visible"="False" to the appinfo.json file. Worked like a charm, got my launcher uncluttered, which was nice.

    The problem is, when it's hidden, it can't be accessed AT ALL. Where that becomes a problem is in the browser. If I click on a link that opens a .pdf file, it will download as normal, but then I get a message that says "This file type is not supported." All I can click is "OK", and then I'm stuck, can't open the file or view it.

    So, I went back and removed the "Visible"="false" line from appinfo.json, and POOF, it works fine again.

    Question is, is there any way to have it both ways, where it's not visible in the launcher, but the various other software can access it?

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    I was able to hide my PDF viewer and successfully download and launch a PDF file. I have the Advanced Configuration for App Launcer Patch in Preware. It has the option to hide apps. I do not know why your approach does not work. It may be by design.

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    Cool! I didn't realize that patch would let me hide apps...I'll try that out. Thanks!!

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