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    does anyone know how to access the full website rather than the mobile site for cbs sports? The mobile site is rather limited for accessing my fantasy football league.

    in general, how can you access the full webpage for a site rather than having the pre go to the default mobile site?

    similarly, and used to have good mobile sites for viewing on the pre, but now everytime I click on the bookmarks I get directed to the fullsite.

    please help!
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    I'm just guessing but you could try things like turning cookies off. Clearing browser history. Maybe deleting those bookmarks then making them bookmarked again.
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    It is the web server giving you the mobile site, the pre isn't doing it. You would need to trick the server into thinking the pre is something else so it serves the full site. There may be patches to change user agent reported by the browser which is typically how the web server identifies the target. I think there is one to make it look like an iphone, but I don't think that's what you want. I don't know if there are other patches available.

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