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    Yeah, webos doesnt have anything to do with desktop linux distro's and it wont get people excited at all. Whats interesting though, is android and webos, (not sure what iphone runs if its bsd core or linux kernel)....but, already, considering the amount of cell phones vs PC's in the world...It would be an awfully close tie, in saying that there are as many linux box's as there are windows PC's now =P simply because of the cellphones that run linux as their native OS....HAHA, thats one interesting way to look at it!

    Yeah, there are tons of embedded devices that run linux kernel, cuz its so damn configurable and can be really lightweight if needed. My TV is powered by the linux kernel...rofl!

    Also, keep in mind when referring to linux ... well technically you're only talking about the kernel itself and note the userland programs that come with distros, or what makes a distro a distro.
    Typically, when the linux kernel is used...the other part that makes the OS is the userland programs which are GNU. So, technically if talking about the entire OS, its GNU-Linux.
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    Android is also linux, but still everybody wants windows or apple os on there "real" computers. webOS wont change the world..... yet
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    Hi iTREO2,

    If you are talking about the links in RickNeff's signature above, here are those links (hope you don't mind RickNeff) Just copy and paste
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    Quote Originally Posted by Titan078 View Post
    If Hp pulls off the impossible and starts to rival Apple in popularity do you think Linux will have another shot at mainstream adoption?

    Linux is already mainstraem. Odds are, it's powering your DVR, your GPS, your cell phone (WebOS and Android), and numerous other devices in your home that you don't even know about, not to mention a large chunk of the internet, from firewalls to load balancers to servers.

    WebOS's success won't have any dent in Linux's place in the desktop market place, however, if that's what you're referring to.
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    Personally I love Ubuntu, but I'm willing to bet that for the "what's a driver crowd" Linux won't stick without someone pulling an OS X.
    Actually, that crowd has some success with Ubuntu. They tend to only need a web browser and maybe a printer. Linux actually supports more hardware out of the box than Windows. The problem is:
    1) It's easier to find drivers and install drivers in Windows
    2) More people use Windows so it's more likely someone will have already had your problem.
    3) People almost never actually install Windows, they get OEM installs, which already has everything setup and working. If people actually had to install windows from scratch, and install all their drivers, and install all their codecs, the "ease of use" of Windows wouldn't be viewed the same way it is now.

    2. I just realized that If WebOs on tablets is as successful as we hope it will be that it could be the most successful version of Linux.
    Not really. If you're looking for successful "versions of linux" (really it's an implementation of linux), then there are plenty out there (DVR's, GPS's, cell phones, existing android tablets, much much more).

    pffft. i enjoy my 5 minute boot time on my pre.
    That has nothing to do with linux, though.
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