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    How come nobody told me that a quick back swipe clears any numbers or names in the phone dialer. All this time I used to hold down the little back arrow to clear numbers.
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    I never had to delete an entire number but I am sure I would have tapped the arrow. Thanks for pointing this out.

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    Feel not stupid! I didn't realize it either! I just pulled up the phone to try & freakin DIED! haha

    Mucho Thanko!
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    yea I think they should have a insert on how gestures work, and functions.
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    WOW. I didn't know also. From the screen shots i've seen of 2.0 they are going to have a Gesture tutorial.
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    Very nice. I just learned something new about my phone.
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    I didn't know this, either. I rarely use the dialer, but no one can know everything, don't feel stupid!
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    I had no idea either and have had a Pre since near launch day...
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    I didn't know this either.. Hahah thanks!

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