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    All of my incoming texts show the time 2 hours ahead. My texts are the correct time but that is it. It all started yesterday. I have a patch installed I think its called time stamp clean or something like that. So how do I fix it?
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    I have the same patch (clean) and working fine here. Un-install it ..reboot...reinstall...reboot to see if it corrects. Also is the phone set to 'Network Time' and 'Network Time Zone'? I had a little issue with that but not with the patch causing a time issue.
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    it could also be that the text's are coming from a different time zone.
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    Someone else just posted about something similar, yesterday. I wonder if it's carrier related or not?

    I have a friend who is 2 hours later than me and my son is 3 hours later, but we're all on Sprint and all of their texts show my correct local time.
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    ... You could just wait two hours to read them. They will be on time then.

    I couldn't resisit. Sry.
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    this started happening to me too. all the outgoing messages are correct but incoming show 2 hours off.. probably just a network problem? i have sprint btw

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