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    My understanding about WebOS is that nothing is stored on the phone. Is my understanding correct? How do you access your emails, calander, documents, tasks, and other information when the phone cannot connect to the network?

    If my understanding is correct, will this change with WebOS 2.0?
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    There is no webOS tablet for you to buy.

    Presumably 2.0 will work about the same as 1.x on the sync/synergy front. E-mail, contacts, calendar synced with your already existing accounts. However you can save any files you want to the phone.

    In any event all the synced info is available when a network connection isn't as copies are stored locally.
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    Nop, webOS have everything on the phone BUT also every day the system does a backup of your preferences and apps which is stored on Palm's servers.
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    Also your data is stored on your phone, but it can be syncronised or backed up to the cloud.
    Therefore you can also use your applications when you have no internet connection available.

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    There is no webOS tablet for you to buy.
    I know, but there will be one sometime after January, 2011.

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