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    I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I promise I tried searching...anyway, is there a way to create ur own "calendars" on the phone or a way to create a new category? I want to differentiate between my classes and other events in my calendar. I know apps can do this (ie classtracker, sports calendar) but is this function built in to webos somewhere? Thanks in advance!
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    No categories possible for the calendar currently. I sync to Google and have multiple sub-calendars within my Google account which I use for different categories. Somewhat clumsy, but it works.

    If you're not already using it, the UberCalendar patch greatly improves the abilities of the stock calendar app.
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    got ya, that's a bummer...webos 2.0 should be able to differentiate between different categories like work, class, social events, etc. And I tried using the patch but it was alot of stuff I didn't need so I only added the patch for icon shortcuts for new events. Thanks tho, I'll give the google subcalendars a shot!

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