Since the webOS 1.4.5 update, I've been having problems with my media playback and sounds not working. I was looking the "Help" section of the stock "Sounds & Ringtones" app, and found something called "PalmCare Chat".

"Robert" was actually pretty cool to deal with. And it was obvious pretty quickly that he was actually a real person (whether his REAL name was "Robert" or not is a different discussion). He discussed my issues with me thoroughly, and began the work on getting a replacement Pre sent out to me. He said that my problem was a hardware issue and he started the process of creating a Service Repair Order (SRO) request and gave me two options on getting the replacement device sent out to me. He asked for my Serial Number, and then told me that I was within the 1 year warranty period (even though this is a replacement device from Asurion through Sprint. I'm one of the 'first week-ers' from June 2009).

I'm just happy that I didn't have to go through the Asurion "$100 bucks, please" warranty nonsense again!

But, seriously folks, you may wanna give this a try the next time you think you have a hardware issue. It worked pretty good for me.