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    Reaction to webOS 2.0

    "It's a relief to see this beta come out, as many had begun to wonder how seriously HP was going to take the mobile space," Hilwa, a program director at IDC, told TechNewsWorld. "The richness of features here really shows that it wants to take this platform to the next level."

    The success of webOS may depend heavily on the PDK's capability to build C or C++ plug-ins for apps built in other languages.

    "Palm doesn't have many devices in the market, and anything it does to make porting easier will help it get the applications it needs," Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, told TechNewsWorld. "It may actually have to fund or do much of this work itself initially," he added.

    "This is where I think the most important impact of HP's investment in Palm will be," IDC's Hilwa said. "Palm is smart to pull out all the stops to bring in existing applications, no matter what language they're developed in, onto its platform. This might also bring in developers working in other ecosystems."

    It's Pretty, but Will It Fly?

    Although webOS is technically slick, Palm has had little success with devices running the operating system, mainly because the mobile operating system market is dominated by existing players.

    Will webOS 2.0 be able to carve out a place for itself, or will it limp along like earlier iterations?

    "I've always liked the Palm operating system, but in today's market, it really comes down to what operating systems app developers are developing for, and that's just a handful -- Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), RIM (Research In Motion), Symbian in Europe and Android," Jim McGregor, chief technology strategist at In-Stat, told TechNewsWorld. "The rest of them don't really matter that much any more."

    The dominant mobile operating systems have the most traction among app devs, and that situation isn't likely to change, McGregor opined.

    "Application developers are only going to develop for the top one or two mobile operating systems," McGregor pointed out. "They can't worry about six or seven different operating systems; they can only worry about the ones that make money and about what they'll deliver in the next three to six months."
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    A lot of the Tech News reaction is due to the fact that Palm itself is putting this information out there for them and assisting in accuracy of the articles in press release fashion for them.
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    i just hope with HP behind them now Palm will get the respect and attention it deserves. marketing never hurt either.
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