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    I've had this Sprint Pre since launch day and today an icon labeled "First Use" appeared. Clicking on it just gives a blue sky screen. The launcher identifies it as v1.4.5 and gives me the option to hide it. The only thing I did was uninstall the Profile app. Could that have reset some "new phone" flag?
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    I don't think so. I've never seen or heard of such icon though.
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    weird.. Thought it was just me or some patch I downloaded. I have this as well. I just set it to hide the icon. Pretty random ltm.
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    If you recently installed or updated the "Advanced Launcher Configuration" patch this App seems to have been unhidden.

    Just do an Orange (Grey square for Pre+) + tap and chose "Hide".
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    drugstorecowboy--I had the same questions when I first saw it. The program is the one that has always been there and helped you set up your phone for the first time. It is normally hidden. But, certain patches can unhide it, like sconix's advanced launcher patch. It is not a problem to hide it.
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    It resets the phones radio. Which might lead to your phone being wiped out. Again, i said "might". But it does reset radios.
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