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    A month or two ago I started receiving an error message when tring to go to my college's sports website. Iowa State University Athletics Official Web Site - The home of Iowa State Cyclone Sports! (I can't type the address because this is my first post... But it is www cyclones com , with "." between) I had been able to get there in the past & still can from a computer, but from my Sprint Palm Pixi I get an "index_" error & a number showing the number of times I have tried to access the site. Right now it shows me "index_20" and the yellow triangle with an exclamation point in the middle. Football season starts tonight & I'd like to keep up with all the inside scoop... Please help. -thanks.
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    This is odd - A lot of forum members using their pixi phones, have been complaining about getting error messages when trying to visit certain website. The Pixi and Pre I believe are both using the same web engine. I might be missing something here.

    Remove the batt and see if that could fix the problem.
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    It has to do with the website not using standard conventions.

    The index with the triangle indicates the Browser was told to download a file called index, but it couldn't.

    Happens on the Pre as well, there's probably no way around it.

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